Sunday, January 1, 2023


 It being the end of the year, the assiduous blogger obviously has to do a round up of things eaten and formerly unblogged about.


Here for example is a tuna melt eaten at Caffee Torelli, right by Kew Railway station:


Here is a galette at L’Hirondelle in Walthamstow:

Here’s a Cornish Pasty and a can of Diet Pepsi (I drink at most one can of Pepsi a year and afterwards usually wish I hadn’t).  

I was sitting alone eating my pasty on the seafront in Dovercourt when this dog came along and stared at me in a beseeching way:  


His owner came along knot shortly after, riding on a mobility scooter, and said told me that dog had recently become ‘a beggar.’  His begging did him no good.


This is a scone with butter and jam, from the caff at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire:


Must say I never really crave scones and yet when one’s put in front of me I tend to enjoy it.

These are Gyozas and Sushi Tacos (yes, really) from Kensu Kitchen, an establishment within Medz Corner, a kind of food court in Kensington High St.  The sushi tacos worked, more or less.

This is a fairly dreary plate of sausages with extras at Dirty Dicks in Spitalfields – the sausages themselves were the problem.

This is a ham and cheese sandwich with chips at The Mad Bishop and Bear in Paddington station:

And these are some truly remarkable and excellent seasoned chips from Ousia in Charlotte Street, London:


Then then there were two weeks in California, and the brakes came off.  (Nobody wants to eat while wearing gloves)


There was this very substantial tuna salad sandwich at the 1919 Cafe in the Huntington Gardens, San Marino:

These are Beef Wellington Bites at Zin in Palm Springs:


These are some so-so eggs Benedict at the Lakeview Bistro in the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA.


All in all it wasn’t such a bad year food-wise.  I hope you can say the same. Cheers.






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