Friday, January 13, 2023



Well no, not babyish at all but quite small, and it’s hard to resist a good (or even a feeble) cheese pun.  On the right is Boursault, ‘Fromage Extra Cremaux:’ 


According to my schoolboy-level translation of the packaging, it says it has a ‘velvety crust’ with ‘fruity aromas’ and ‘slightly refined notes.’  Nothing to disagree with there.


The other is Village Maid Cheese, Waterloo: 


It came without much packaging so I had to look online.  It’s made from Guernsey cows’ milk, and the Village Maid website has this picture of our current king with the Duke of Wellington on one side, and with Anne Wigmore, the begetter of Village Maid, on the other.


Anne Wigmore made a cheddar-like cheese with milk from the Duke’s herd ofGuernsey cows – and named it Wellington.  Production ended when the Duke retired.  (Who knew that dukes retire?) And in due course Village Maid created Waterloo, not exactly cheddarish - washed curds, quite solid, quite sweet.

It’sa very good cheese indeed though I imagine an English cheese named Waterloo might be a tough sell in France. Wellington would surely have been even harder.



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