Sunday, November 28, 2021


 I’ve been thinking about gravy.


A few years back there were reports of a restaurant about to open in Manchester called the Gravy Bar selling nothing but gravy.  It turned out to be a hoax and frankly I found the satire a bit broad, but I don’t think a gravy restaurant is the worst culinary idea I’ve ever heard.


I know there used to be a restaurant in Manhattan called Gravy and I went there once, and although I don’t remember what I ate, I know they didn’t only sell gravy.


And then just the other day an advertising leaflet came through my door for the Mistley Fisheries, a local fish and chip shop, with a menu that’s more interesting than some (battered burgers, saveloys, rock eel), and there on the list of extras is gravy to go on your chips or pie.  


The price as you see is £1.80 which I couldn’t help thinking was a bit high a helping of gravy.  I mean, a jar of Bisto Best Beef Gravy only costs 2 quid. 


And then Ann Fishbein, of Culver City, a very fine photographer often of food and drink put up this picture of a leaflet that had been slipped into her door the day after Thanksgiving.  “I buy Leftover Gravy.”

The satire’s still a bit broad but I like it. 


Of course the average English person finding themselves in an American diner can be very confused by the concept of biscuits and gravy.  But heck, they’ve got to learn sometime.

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