Thursday, August 22, 2019


I’ve only ever had one therapist, and he seemed a decent fellow, though I couldn’t imagine wanting to drink with him. How different from the therapist of Dennis Flange in Thomas Pynchon’s ‘Low-Lands,’ a short story which I just reread.

The therapist, actually analyst, is a crazy man named Geronimo Diaz. ‘For fifty minutes every week Flange would be screamed at over martinis about his mom.’ Flange doesn’t like or trust Diaz but he concludes that at least the martinis are free – that’s assuming there’s any such thing as a free martini.

This of course reminded me of what I think is my favorite martini cartoon: there are a lot to choose from, mostly published in the New Yorker.  This one:

But then I poked around and found this one which is pretty good too

I particular like the old fashioned martini shaker in that cartoon, with the little nozzle in the cap, and so I was moved to use my own, similarly styled, shaker.  

I couldn't swear that the resulting martini was therapeutic per se, but it wasn’t half bad.

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