Sunday, August 11, 2019


Funny things, names.  I mean if I’m in London and in need of a beer and I see a Nicholson’s pub I somehow feel drawn to it, despite having no connection whatsoever with the eponymous William Nicholson, who opened his first pub in 1873.

And at my local farmer’s market on Saturday I saw they were selling small cans of olives stuffed with anchovy paste.  

They were only a quid for 3 so I’d probably have bought them anyway, but then I saw the brand was Thurstons.  I thought of Thurston Moore, top guitar abuser.  How could I resist?

I don’t know that I’d want an olive stuffed with anchovy paste in my martini but on their own they taste pretty good.  Also the contents of the can don’t look much like the image on the outside, in fact they look better.

I have no idea what Thurston Moore’s preferences are in olives, or martinis, but I imagine he might like them dirty.

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