Wednesday, February 20, 2019


A long time ago I used to live in Eynsford, in Kent; a very picturesque spot, with a bridge and a ford, and over the other side of the river a pub called the Plough which served shockingly bad food, and which I had more or less forgotten about.

I went there again yesterday, more or less by chance, and the memories came flooding back.  The years have gone by, the d├ęcor and the layout of the Plough have changed, and no doubt the ownership too, but the food has remained consistent.  You want an expensive steak sandwich with lots of bread and not much steak?  Then this is the place for you.  Actually the chips were OK.

However, naturally, they do have a fancy cocktail menu - that's the thing in the back with  a hummingbird on the cover - that you look at while waiting a very long time for the bad sandwich to arrive.  Now, you and I may wonder whether a place what can’t make a decent steak sandwich is really up to making Royal Negroni, but I didn’t find out: the Asahi Dry was good enough for me.

Eynsford had when I lived there, and still has, a decent butcher – which I’m sure mist also have changed hands over the years.  It’s now Norman’s:

I really wasn’t in the market for a pack of pork chipolatas, but I bought one, just so I could post this picture:

Local sourcing is everything.

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