Tuesday, February 5, 2019


I realize, with a certain surprise, that I eat a vegetarian breakfast most days of the year.  Sometimes it’s cereal, sometimes it’s something smeared on toast (cream cheese, marmite, jam, that kind of thing).  But I never think to myself “Oh my, I’m having a vegetarian breakfast.”

But on Saturday I thought exactly that. I went out to brunch in Brixton with my friend Mariette from Berlin, who in fact is in fact firmly (if not fiercely) vegetarian and we ended going to the Lounge Brixton in Atlantic Avenue.  My friend likes cake for breakfast, and possibly for other meals too.  So she had a sort of cheesecake thing with apple and caramel and I had this:

Which is plantains, fried halumi (lurking under the plantains), of course a big old mushroom, and some beans, which the menu no doubt identified but which I can’t.

Afterwards we walked around and I was look for a suitably gritty urban spot to photograph my Berlin pal, and we found a place in front of a rolling door with “street art” on it, and I swear we both thought it said Cheese Zombie, which would have been cool enough in itself, but as you see, in fact it says Cheese London. I can decide if this is better or not.

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