Sunday, November 5, 2017


We went to Gwen, on Sunset Boulevard.  "Primal Elegance. World-class butcher meets elegant fine dining” says the website.

 It was very expensive indeed and just about worth it.  The lamb shank was deeply wonderful.

One of Gwen’s unique selling points, or at least design features, is that as you sit at your table you get to see all the hanging meat.

Which reminded me of The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover, though to be fully accurate it would have needed a naked Helen Mirren in there as a kind of living art installation.  

One appealing curiosity of Gwen is that you get to choose which knife you use for your main course - see the pic at the top of this post  - I had the one that's third from the top, or one very like it.  

          And a curiosity which I assume was unique to me on the night: I went into the bathroom – and there was somebody at the sink, wearing a backless top, long braids, with a womanly bearing.  I was perfectly sure I was in the men’s, so I thought oh well, the times are gender fluid and I did my business and went to wash my hands which involved standing next to the backless braided woman and I definitely didn’t stare, but this character turned to me and said, “I’m NOT in the wrong bathroom.”
         And with the lightning wit for which I’m famous, I replied, ”Well that’s all right then.”

Curtis Stone, the celebrity chef/owner was in attendance: Kim Gordon was not.

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