Friday, June 6, 2014


We were in San Diego, and went to Balboa Park, as you do.  There are plenty of places to eat dining options, but I’ve found before that none of them is really all that magnetic.  The one we’d been to before, and it wasn’t bad, was in an outdoor square, the Sculpture Court Café by Giuseppe, as I now know it to be called.

By the time we got there the kitchen had closed so we had to have a tuna sandwich from the fridge.  But at least the bar was still open.  We had two glasses of Spanish white wine that the bartender couldn’t pronounce, and I can’t remember, the name of.  “Is it sweet or dry?” we asked  “It’s both!” said a woman sitting at the bar.  I think she was trying to be helpful.  Fortunately it was more dry than sweet.  Looked good too, though as you see it was a very uneven pour.  Everybody hates that.

Next morning for breakfast, an “old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich” with ham, at the Sixth Street Bistro.  Everything tastes better when it’s melted and nicely lit.

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