Thursday, June 26, 2014


Actually, it appears I may have picked the wrong week to be in New York.  Had I been there this week I could have schlepped along to Vanderbilt Hall, in Grand Central Station to see a “mini gallery” set up by Costello cheese displaying “famous still-life paintings alongside replicas made entirely out of cheese. Works by Flemish artist Clara Peeters, as well as American still-life artists Raphaelle Peale and John F. Francis will be recreated, among other noted masters of the genre.” Or so I read - I'm quoting from Gothamist.  Clara Peeter’s Still Life With Cheeses, Artichokes and Cherries, c 1625, looks like this:

Are they really going to make artichokes and cherries out of cheese, I wonder?  Certainly they might have more trouble recreating Picasso’s ­Still Life With Cheese, 1944.  

In any case, at some point in the proceedings, late in the day presumably, punters will be able to eat these works of art.  Cool.

I also read that “food artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton will be hand-carving some new works out of Selection Hirten cheese, a hard cheese akin to Parmesan. “Previously they created Manhattan for a Castello pop-up store, which looked like this: 

As a man who has constructed, and then deconstructed, Stonehenge out of butter, I feel suddenly, improbably, part of an artistic community.

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