Monday, January 24, 2011


And thinking of the Beatles and food and hospitals, here are a few extra pictures I came across while looking for stuff about the lovable moptops. Given what Lennon got up to later life it seems wonderfully endearing, in the picture above, that in his early days he was a dunker of biscuits, even while holding his Rickenbacker.

He certainly looks more sure of himself dunking than he does wrangling the pig in the picture above.  He's doing it to mock Paul McCartney's album Ram,  but the pig looks pretty uncomfortable too.

There’s Paul McCartney eating something or other – an individual trifle maybe – and he’s tackling it with the utmost delicacy. 

And here’s George Harrison, purveyor of all things Indian sitting with what looks like a fairly standard issue late 60s, early 70s spread of British restaurant curries.  It looks pretty good though.

And here’s Ringo in his hospital bed.  He did go into University College Hospital in 1964 to have his tonsils removed, though I’m guessing this is a set up photograph taken when he wasn’t feeling too bad.   I’m sure he didn’t have to eat standard hospital food but what really seems inconceivable are those silver salt and pepper shakers on his tray. 

Dunking biscuits, eating trifles, silver salt and pepper shakers, it’s easy to forget how domesticated and refined certain aspects of the sixties were. 

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