Friday, February 20, 2009


We know that Lindsay Lohan has been troubled with eating disorders; first denying the fact, then admitting it, then becoming a poster girl for overcoming it. The Internet is now awash with pictures of her eating, so I guess that’s a Good Thing.

In fact the Internet is awash with pictures of all sorts of celebs eating. Given that the paparazzi and snaperazzi are now just about everywhere it’s perhaps not so surprising. But it didn’t used to be that way, did it? Celebs used to take a lot of trouble to make sure they weren’t seen pushing food into their faces.

I’m not quite sure why it’s so compelling to see celebs at trough. It’s not like seeing them naked or falling down drunk. There’s nothing shameful or humiliating about being seen eating. But there is something very revealing about the way people eat; how they use their fork, whether they eat delicately or just stuff themselves, whether they dribble gravy down their shirt fronts. Tell me how you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.

I once saw Kim Cattrell in a restaurant in London and I couldn’t stop watching her. (Discreetly of course). I learned a lot. Now, I never imagined she was exactly the most natural and easy going of women, but she sat there at the table completely rigid, fork in hand, smiling tightly and although she was served food, and although she paid it some attention I’d be surprised if she took more than three bites all evening. And if you say she wasn’t eating because she knew I was watching her, well that proves my point. She didn't want to reveal herself.

I was once at a big arts festival party where Prince Philip (above) was guest of honor. He seemed a jolly old cove, and pulled off the amazing feat of looking as though he was pleased to meet me, and everyone else. But when the time came for us all to eat, he and the festival grandees went off and ate behind a screen. The word was that protocol demands no member of the royal family be seen eating by their subjects. I can’t swear this is true, but I’ve certainly never seen a picture of a British royal eating, unlike, say, American Heads of State. See below:

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