Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is Geoff Nicholson's blog about the wilder, weirder shores of gastronomy. And if all goes well it will turn into a book.

It concerns the curiosities of food and eating, why we eat, what we eat, how we eat. It will deal with eating habits, eating manners, eating disorders, eating taboos. It will also try to discover why so many people are so downright weird about food.

And actually it was a bitch to come up with a title for it.

I first thought of Naked Brunch - but there's a novel of that name. Naked Luncheonette and Naked Lunch Counter have also been done.

I thought of Naked Buffet, but I think everyone would assume it was about those sushi restaurants where naked women stretch out in the middle of the table and get covered in raw fish.

There were similar problmes with Food Fetishist.

I thought of Mouth-feel - but there's already a poetry blog with that name. The Lost Art of Eating - Google brings up hundreds of extant references for that.

So ... Psycho-Gourmet it is.


  1. Geoff, I just read your essay in the 5/3 NY Times Book Review. Toothsome: Try Cauliflower Gratin in Cooks March/April 2002. Described as toothsome, I had to try it. Cook's described it as toothsome, but I would characterize it as unspeakably toothsome when prepared as directed! cynthia

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