Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Want to see some evidence of enthusiastic but prudent alcohol intake?

Well of course you do.

Here's a Manhattan in the bar at the Hilton Garden Hotel, Heathrow.

This pic is by me, all the rest were taken by Caroline 'hot shot' Gannon

A martini at Musso and Frank in LA.:


A couple of 'James Bond Martinis' at The Kaiser Grill in Palm Springs:


Another at Lulu's, also Palm Springs - hey, it's martini kind of town.

Another at the bar in the Bonaventure, LA (the revolving restauarant was closed – and not revolving), and yes, the glass could have been a LOT fuller:


And a Margaraita, also in LA, at a somewhat fancy Mexican restaurant, La Conde:


Made by this guy:

Cheers and a happy equinox to you and yours.  

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  1. In the season of tacky jumpers, that shirt is refreshingly festive!!! Happy Christmas to you too, Geoff! Marianne and Mel