Monday, April 11, 2022


 As I wander the city streets around London, or most other places else for that matter, I often look at the ground to see what’s been discarded, and sometimes I even photograph it.


Of course vomit is the one of the things I sometimes see, and although it’s occurred to me to photograph pools of sick, I’ve always thought better of it.


Obviously I am a terrible square.


Those funsters Bompas and Parr have opened a pop up ‘Vomit Vault’ at the Crypt Gallery just off Euston Road, and inside you can gaze at multiple pictures of vomit on the streets of London. The images are compelling and disgusting in equal measures.  There’s a book too, titled Salute to Puke.


In many ways this seems a natural progression of the Bompas and Parr enterprise. If you’re fascinated by the food and drink that goes into the human body it’s only natural to be fascinated by what comes out.


The serious, or at least somewhat serious, point seems to be that the reappearance of vomit on the streets of London marks a return to post-pandemic normality, a ‘sign of economic and social recovery.’


At the opening night party there were some ‘do it yourself’ cocktails that could be imbibed and then used to replicate some of the images on the walls.

But I managed to restrain myself.


Photo: Caroline Gannon

The lighting conditions in the vault made it hard to take photographs of the exhibits, which some may think just as well.


Those bleached out spaces are the colour prints on light boxes. The actual images look like this:


Art lovers can buy them in various forms and editions and have fun deciding where in their   homes to display them.   Prices are from 21quid to 630 smackers. 

The real joy of the exercise is that Sam Bompas is a man of such charisma that he can drag you to a crypt, make you look at pictures of vomit, and come out thinking you've had an uplifting experience. 

Here’s a link to Bompas and Parr:

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