Thursday, October 17, 2019


If you’re in Sheffield and you buy a bag of pork scratchings from the Béres Pork Shop (established 1961), chances are it will come in the bag they use for their pork sandwiches, which bears the warning ‘contains crackle – only recommended for people with strong, healthy teeth.’  Health and safety gone porcine, innit?


However, should you go into the newish indoor Sheffield Market on the Moor and buy a bag of pork scratchings from Waterall Bros Ltd (established 1964) you’ll find it comes in a bag with no such warning, even though - and I’ve done my research on the subject – the Waterall crackling seems a good deal harder on the teeth than the Béres variety, and frankly the latter is tastier.  Looks better too.


And in the interest of research I went to have a breakfast pork sandwich at Lynne’s Café on Surrey Street.

         This came with a fabulous piece of crackling (also stuffing and apple sauce) and was absolutely great – but it also managed to come with no warning whatsoever.  

Two establishments that allow people to take responsibility for their own lives and their own teeth.  How very grown up.

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