Thursday, June 20, 2019


And so we went to Leigh-on-Sea; me, Mel and Marianne, a place where I think I’d been before but I didn’t remember much about it, except that there were cockle sheds, more than you'd think the whole country would need.

And we went to Osborne’s – who seem to rule the roost around those parts and we had a fish platter with a few extras – the extras chiefly whelks and baby octopi, my preference and which my companions didn’t fancy much, so I got to take most of them away with me.

They looked even better when I got then home, and they tasted great.

But I must say I did feel a bit bad about the baby octopi – there were so many of them – it was like eating a whole extended family – maybe a whole generation.  Why this didn’t apply to the prawns and whelks I’m not sure.  I think it was because the baby octopi had heads, and also perhaps because they were babies.

Want to see the Psychogourmet in action?  Of course you do.

Want to see an octopus in action? Yeah, why not? Note: it’s not a baby:

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