Thursday, April 5, 2018


Did you ever eat conch?  I hadn’t until a couple of days ago.  I ate it at the Kura Revolving Sushi Bar (in a mini-mall on Sawtelle Boulevard) and you know, that’s a terrible misnomer.   Nothing revolves, least of all the restaurant, but the food does come on an amazingly long conveyor belt that snakes all the way around the restaurant, and is genuinely impressive.  Even more impressive, there’s a touch screen above your table and you tap on it to order extra things, and they come on a separate belt, at a higher level than the main one, and they stop right at your table.  
          Man, it’s like eating in the future (“One possible future.  From your point of view.  I don't know tech stuff."). So anyway the conch came as nigiri and looked like this:

You may think it looks minimalist, or just a bit unexciting.  It was chewy rather than rubbery, and not exactly bursting with flavor, but at least I can now say that I’ve eaten conch.  I know there are various kinds of conch - king, queen, even the horse conch - and unfortunately I can’t tell you which type I ate.

I can now also say that I’ve eaten tuna yukhoe (below), an essentially Korean dish according to my sources, a form of tuna tartare, though it seemed pulverized rather than chopped, with a scallion garnish, and the yellow stuff is egg yolk to which something inscrutable has been done (I think).

Oh, and for reference, this is what an actual revolving restaurant looks like, the 360 CN 

Tower in Toronto, where I did once have breakfast.  But revolving restaurants are always 

better at night.

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