Saturday, December 9, 2017


You know, I get the feeling that the citizens of Los Angeles are no longer quite as crazy about food trucks as they used to be.  Sure, the trucks are still in business and doing just fine, and if you’re in need of lunch or you’re coming out of a gig, then you buy some food from them.  But I get the sense there’s no longer that manic driving around in the middle of the night, tracking down the perfect taco truck that’s just parked on a bit of waste ground by the freeway onramp.  Sanity returns.

And so, emerging from the LA Convention Center one afternoon last weekend I picked the first food truck I liked the look of: the Okamoto Kitchen.  I especially liked the look of it because it was the one that had the shortest line.  These were the only guys waiting, and they looked like they knew a good food truck:

Not everything was available, not even the Yuzu Lime Soda which was a shame because I liked the sound of that.  But the Nom Bomb Sandwich could still be had; sweet-and-sour, teriyaki-glazed, deep-fried chicken with shredded cabbage, tartar sauce, and jalapeno on a brioche bun.  So I had that.  It looked like this:

It was a perfectly good sandwich.  Not the best sandwich in the world, not one I’d drive manically around the city in search of, but I enjoyed it all the same. Warren Zevon and me, we see pretty much eye to eye on that one.

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