Saturday, August 23, 2014


Even people who’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs know that Hannibal Lecter knocks back human liver with fava beans and chianti.  This always struck me as slightly tame for a super villain but I’ve never claimed to have much grasp of the popular imagination.

I admit I’ve never read a word by Thomas Harris – author of the “source material” - but I did just re-read Martin Amis’s review of Hannibal, the third novel in the series, this one featuring the evil Mason Verger, which somehow looks like an anagram. (Martin Amis is of course an anagram of Sam Martini, a pseudonym I have been known to use once in a while).

Amis writes, “When the child cries, a nurse wipes the tears away and puts 'the wet swatches in Mason’s martini glass, chilling in the playroom’s refrigerator beside the orange juice and cokes.’  What a Terrible guy. What a terrible martini.”

Well yes, I totally agree with Martin here, but I know there are people who like their martinis dirty, with a splash of olive brine.  Personally I’m far you mean to pay good money for the leavings from a jar of olives, but if you’re into that whole dirty thing then maybe salt tears would be just the ticket.

And here’s another martini-related thing:

Now, to be honest I’m not sure what’s going on here, whether the snake is drinking the martini, which seems a little unlikely, or whether the snake is being “milked” so that its venom goes into the drink.  If the latter then OK, that’s a super-villain trick if ever I saw one.

Of course these days some people will put anything in a martini.  Even Dita Von Tease.  

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