Thursday, March 21, 2013


Here in the Psychogourmet Mansion we love a good menu.  We love a bad menu too, and sometimes it’s not so easy to tell the difference.  The other day the above menu got put into the letter box here, from a restaurant called India’s Oven, which is in fact some miles away, so delivery charges would definitely apply, but of course I was taken by the notion of a restaurant with Bollywood Atmosphere, or is that just in the private room?

I never like to mock people’s use of the English language on menus.  Which of us could go to Dehli and write a menu that the locals wouldn’t find completely absurd?  But on India’s Oven menu there are things wonderful as well as absurd, here in the naan section.

I’m guessing that most people may be a little bit suspicious of “Fluy bread” – as they would be with, say, Sinusy spinach. But who could resist the garlic naan “sparkled with fresh garlic and cilantro” and onion kulcha “naan stuffed with onions and sparkled cilantro.”  You know, I think from now on I want ALL my food to be sparkled.

I notice incidentally that the online menu doesn’t offer these sparkling choices, which is a shame.  

The restaurant’s website is here:


  1. I love the "attracting sizzlers" in the first paragraph.

  2. their Lamb Vindaloo alone is worth making the trip down the hill...