Sunday, December 30, 2012


In today’s LA Times travel section there’s a piece titled “Reimagined: After upheaval era, Moscow and St. Petersburg tap culinary traditions – with a twist,” and yes that’s some pretty sad writing right there, but we know that journalists seldom write headlines for their own pieces.

No, the real sadness comes when the author, Sasha Vasilyuk, visits a traditional Russian restaurant  in St. Petersburg, named Russkaya Charka.  Vasilyuk writes, “I looked at the menu: bear cutlets, elk stew, veal tongue.  These guys were serious about their fare.  So I ordered a Pozharsky cutlet, a tender chicken fillet coated with white bread chunks.’”

There's bear and elk on the menu and you order the frigging chicken!!!  That is very, very sad.  Some people don’t know how to enjoy themselves.  Others know how, they just prefer not to.

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