Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A belated plug for a book, Best Food Writing 2011, edited by Holly Hughes, published by Da Capo.  I’ve been buying copies of this annual anthology for years.  When I constantly used to fly back and forth between New York and London I found it made for great plane reading, since I could never cope with anything more joined up.

As well as containing pieces by the likes of Jay Rayner and Hugh Garvey, and pieces with wonderful titles such as “Craving the Food Of Depravity” by Elissa Altman, and “In Praise of Shite Food” by Bryce Elder, the book also has just a little Psycho-Gourmet in it – my piece from Tin House, titled Peasants, which is in fact neither very psycho, nor very gourmet, but it’s nice to be included.  If for any reason you’re not going to buy the book you can read my piece by clicking the link below.

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