Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hard not to love Bruce Willis appearing on the Letterman show wearing a meat toupee.  The fact that it was meant to be an homage to Lady Gaga made it even better, and it would have been better still if Bruce could actually have remembered her name.  And I really don’t get why people thought it was “so gross” when Letterman ate some of it, though Letterman apparently felt the same way.  Have these people never heard of steak tartar?

I like to think the meat hair might also have been an homage to the Kevin Bacon sculpture that’s been doing the rounds, a head of Kevin Bacon made out of bacon, created  by Mike Lahue, commissioned by some organisation called J&D Foods.

The problem here is that the head doesn’t look much like Kevin and it doesn’t look much like bacon.   To me it looks more like Conan O’Brien made out of ground beef, though that in itself opens up all sorts of possibilities.  Why not a bust of Conan made of potatoes O’Brien?

A bust of Meatloaf made of meatloaf?

Or perhaps a figure of Jello Biafra made of Jello.

And finally how about an effigy of  Vanilla Ice made out of dog poop?  Sorry Vanilla, we love you really, but the easy jokes are always the hardest to resist.  Wide open indeed.

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