Saturday, July 4, 2009


There used to be a theory, not mine, that what porn movies needed was more narrative. The idea was that they’d become more “genuinely erotic” the more they resembled mainstream movies. The viewer could get to know the characters and empathize with them as people rather than as performing sex freaks.

In the age of the bukkake and the 65 man cream pie, the argument seems to have been lost (or won). Few things are more painful than watching porn stars try to act, much less resemble real people.

The problem is that, outside of a swing club, there are very few plausible real world situations that lead to unbridled sex between groups of people. However, as these old school images from work produced by the Rodox company of Denmark show, the consumption of food is one of them. All it takes to start an orgy is a call for room service.

Obviously a dinner party can be a Dionysian affair, especially if the food is served by waiters in their underpants

When two girls make a banana the centerpiece of their picnic, you know the erotic sparks are going to fly.

And when a man offers a sample from his cheese board, what woman can resist?

Actually I don't think that cheese board up there looks bad at all, but in general the food in these pictures seems as kitsch and dated as the clothes and hairstyles. Ah yes, we’re so much more sophisticated these days when it comes to food and sex. Aren't we? Well only up to a point.

I admit that I'm beguiled by the sight of Padma Lakshmi eating a Carl's Jr burger, though I can't help thinking I'd be even more beguiled watching her eat a ripe Camembert or a blood sausage. And I don't doubt there's some very knowing post-modern ad agency irony at work here. Even so I suspect this ad is going look pretty clunky a few years down the road. Did they really think that was sexy back in 2009?

The ad below suggests that the ad agencies of Singapore are not just post-modern, they're post irony too, but I suppose they know their market.

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