Monday, April 7, 2014


Not obsessing on Mr. Manson, though still harping on sandwiches (obviously).  It appears that when the Manson family were gathered round after meals in the afternoon or an evening, having presumably feasted on the bounty taken from dumpsters (see above), Manson would begin to talk, unleashing all his great wisdom in a more or less biblical manner.  One of the parable he told was this (my source is Jeff Guinn):

There was a king and queen.  Every day the king said to the queen, “I’m hungry” and she’d go fix him a sandwich.  (Contents of the sandwich unknown).  The king ate the sandwich and (according to Manson) everyone was happy.  Then one day the king was hungry but the queen said she was really tired and asked if he’d mind fixing his own sandwich.  The king said OK, but then the queen said, “Well, while you’re out there would you make me one as well?”  The king agreed, and from that day forward the king always made his wife a sandwich.

Well there are many ways of interpreting this narrative, not least that the king might have actually enjoyed making a sandwich for his wife.  At the very least it might have been a story about how you (queen or not) can get what you want without direct confrontation.

Will it surprise you that Manson didn’t see it that way?  This, he said, was how women tricked men and took control, and that of course was what  was wrong with society etc. etc. and there wouldn’t be any of that kind of thing in HIS kingdom.  And you know, there really wasn't.

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