Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A friend in Cornwall sends me this news item from the BBC, about drugs and Cornish pasties:
Courier Simon Kinney plotted to supply heroin to grandmother

Simon Kinney was told by the judge to expect a custodial sentence

A man has admitted plotting to supply heroin to a grandmother who hid drugs in a bag beside her Cornish pasties.
Teresa Wood, from Bodmin, her husband, two sons, grandson and 11 others were jailed in April for their part in a £1m plan to bring heroin from Liverpool to Devon and Cornwall.
Simon Kinney, 49, of no fixed address, admitted conspiracy to supply class A drugs at Exeter Crown Court.
He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on 6 December.
Judge Francis Gilbert warned Kinney to expect a custodial sentence.
Kinney and the drugs gang were arrested and charged following a two-year surveillance operation by Devon and Cornwall Police codenamed Raby.
The supply chain started in Liverpool and then passed through Torbay before the drugs were distributed over a wide area which included Tiverton, east Devon and Cornwall.

Call me na├»ve, or over imaginative, but when I first read it I somehow imagined that the heroin was actually concealed inside the Cornish pasty.  I know there are some pasties that have a savory filling at one end, and a sweet filling at the other, providing two courses, as it were.  I had imagined the heroin might have been arranged in a layer between the two, a nice palate-cleanser between courses.  

Also, regarding the news item, I'm not really sure why supplying heroin to a grandmother is, in itself, worthy of mention.  Her status as grandmother seems rather less relevant than her status as junkie.  Then again, she doesn't look very "grandmotherly," whatever that might mean.

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