Thursday, November 28, 2013


Some surprisingly smart and clued up people in America have been known to say to me, with a sense of awe and surprise, “What? So they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in England?”

To which I reply that although by and large we’re pleased that the Pilgrim Fathers didn’t starve like dogs on their American adventure, the folks back home still don’t necessarily see it as a cause for nationwide celebrations.  We prefer to save our dry turkey and our family-related angst for Christmas.

Many Thanksgiving traditions are still pretty alien to me – not least the green beans in mushroom soup - but one tradition I rather enjoy is carved butter.  My local supermarket is selling butter in the shape of turkeys, moulded rather than carved I suppose, if you were being a stickler.

But here in Nicholson Towers we decided we’d go for something more hands-on, both more minimalist, à la Carl Andre, but also more ancient: I give you - Butter Henge.

It's handcrafted and artisanal, right?

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