Saturday, July 4, 2009


There is a long and ignoble history of women using food to tempt men: Eve, Nell Gwynne, Paris Hilton, to name but few.

However, Eve had certainly eaten the forbidden fruit before she offered it to Adam.

Nell Gwynne surely tasted at least some of the oranges she sold to the audiences at London’s Restoration theater, although this was clearly not her main business.

Similarly Paris Hilton isn’t really in the business of selling burgers but at least she, like Padma, was prepared to put a Carl’s Jr in her mouth while making the commercial.

Heidi Klum is apparently having none of that. Here she is shilling for Macdonald’s chicken wraps – and it’s pretty clear that although she’s prepared to put those suckers somewhere near her mouth, there’s no way they’re going IN her mouth.

Integrity, don’t you love it?

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