Friday, July 31, 2009


My companion there at Ngamo, the one who ate the beef ugalini sukuma wiki was Scott Peake, movie director, DJ, bon viveur and all round omnivore, though with a special soft spot for all things porcine.

A couple of days after our lunch he had his annual pig roast in his back yard. Here he is in action:

A whole pig, 70 pounds or so in weight, is placed in a Cuban-style marinade for several days then cooked whole in an improvised cinder block oven.

I love the ritual of the thing and like everybody else I gorge myself on pig skin, pig cheek, pig tongue as well as the more conventional cuts. But I almost never get to see the whole pig. By the time I arrive the carving has usually started and the pig is in pieces.

The head, of course, keeps its structural integrity to the bitter end.

And just to prove that sometimes the pig bites back (metaphorically at least) her's a close up of Scott's hand after some of his carving got a little too sharp.

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