Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I can't 100% swear this is authentic, but it does seem to be, it's on  the Hull Daily Mail website:

Hull man's fury over 'rip off' egg sandwich with not enough egg in it

The sandwich was for his poorly wife, who 'didn’t eat the rest of the day'

A Hull man says a sandwich company is "ripping off the NHS" because an egg salad sandwich for his poorly wife did not have enough egg in it.
Carl Simpson said his wife Maria, who is currently a patient at Hull Royal Infirmary was looking forward to eating the sandwich she ordered through the hospital's catering team because her condition means she can rarely eat solid food.
He said: “She’s had so many operations in the past and has no bowel so is mostly fed through a tube, but she really fancied a sandwich and was looking forward to eating that one.
"But there wasn't anything in it.
"It really upset her and she didn’t eat the rest of the day.”

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