Friday, September 1, 2017


Supposing you were in the Harbor Town Pub, on Shelter Island, which I think counts as San Diego.  It’s a nice place - painting of Andre the Giant on the wall, bunch of pinball machines in the back, friendly tattooed waitress, and suppose you order the Ahi Club Sandwich - "Seared ahi - bacon - greens - tomato - wasabi cream - smashed avo - served on a Martin’s potato bun with fries,” and when it comes it looks like this:

Well, I think you might be a little disappointed. but then you open it up and you feel considerably encouraged

And then I tasted it, and oh my, that ahi tuna was so amazingly great, so perfectly seared – if it had been any less cooked it would have been sashimi – and I say this with a certain hesitation and only after much consideration – I do believe it was the best seared tuna I ever ate.  It’s a shame you couldn’t be there.

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