Monday, May 8, 2017


Being the well-connected tastemaker that I am, I sometimes get sent emails about “new and exciting” products.  I don’t actually get the sent the products themselves  - I’m not that well-connected - but at least I’m spared the agony of being corrupted.

So I’ve been receiving a lot of news lately about Sous-Vide magazine.  I suspect most of the world has never heard of sous-vide cooking - vacuum-sealing ingredients and then cooking them very slowly in warm water bath for a very long time, and requiring some expensive machinery if you’re serious about it.

Among those who have heard of it, many are still skeptical. I once ate a boiled egg that had been cooked sous–vide (for 12 hours as I remember, but I may be exaggerating) and it was great, probably as great as a boiled egg can ever be – but you know, it was still a boiled egg.

Anyway I thought the days of peak sous-vide were behind us but given the existence of the magazine (now on its second issues) perhaps not.

The current issue has recipes for sous-vide octopus (and it does seem to me that would be an ideal way to cook octopus) and also instructions on how to make sous-vide compressed watermelon and cryoconcentrated pea soup (don’t ask).

And there is even a sous vide recipe for – set your face to stun - a cocktail, in this case named “A Sour in the Key of Raffi” as served at The Aviary, Chicago.  The mag tells us, “This gin-based cocktail combines a kicky sous-vide banana-curry syrup with a thick, creamy egg foam and nutmeg finish.”

Oh, who among us hasn’t craved kicky sous-vide banana-curry syrup with our gin?  I won’t spoil thing for you, and them, by giving away the rest of the recipe – full marks for effort - and it ends up looking like this:

You know, I’m really glad I don’t have to drink it.

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