Monday, February 4, 2013


The image above comes from a website I’ve discovered, perhaps a bit belatedly, called   It’s pretty great, despite the potty mouth.  The McGuffin, I suppose, is that there are a lot of people in the world who imagine that London is this glorious, sophisticated, elegant city, whereas in fact most of it is grubby, down at heel, and full of dodgy enterprises run by the stupid, the incompetent and often the surprisingly sad.  In fact I suspect this may apply to all “great” cities.

But it’s things related to food, restaurants and pubs that are especially depressing and also especially hilarious.

I once went to that very "Angus" Steak House in the picture above - it’s in Leicester Square, and to be honest the sign was fully lit at the time, though I don't think this is a doctored picture.  My mother was in town and I was trying to find somewhere I thought she might like, given that she wouldn’t touch anything that was even vaguely fancy or “ethnic.” It was dreadful of course, the service was a nightmare, my mum’s chicken was raw.  I wasn’t in the least surprised.  I was a fool.

But I must say, I do find myself fancying a trip to this Wimpy Bar in Beckenham (who even knew Wimpy Bars still existed?).  I don’t really know what a Mush Burger is, but they had me at “mush.”

You can experience the full glory here of the website here: (there are books too)

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