Sunday, February 3, 2013


And another thing I don’t get – Catholics, or indeed anyone who claims to have been offended by Virgin Mary crisps as sold by the Pret A Manger sandwich chain.  That's the pack above - which I thought had a red clown nose when I first saw it.

According to the Daily Mail it was a website called Protect the Pope (yeah right) who “pointed out the offensive crisps branding to its members.”

And really I just don’t get it.  Virgin Marys and Bloody Marys are drunk in bars all across the world, why suddenly get upset about a flavor of potato crisps (tomato and Worcester sauce flavour - not the worst idea, not the best)?  I mean, where's the offense?  It's not like they were calling them Slutty Mary flavor.

Anyway the unsold crisps have now been given to the homeless, who unlike the pope, can apparently stand being offended. Maybe they’ll have some Jesus Juice to wash it down.

Actually, and thank God the pope doesn't know about this, there's a cocktail called the Weeping Jesus:  absinthe, peach schnapps, grenadine - topped up with lemonade  Forgive them lord, they know not what they drink.

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