Saturday, February 9, 2013


Honestly, it did cross my mind to write a post combining something about the British horsemeat scandal, with the line from Shakespeare’s Richard III, but I see somebody has already done it, and probably better than I could have.  So hurrah.  As is the way of things found on the net, I don't know who originated it - but respect to you dude or dudette.

The one thing I’ve learned from this whole horsemeat issue is that the drug they’re complaining about - “bute” - doesn’t sound like such a bad thing.  It was originally used in humans as an anti-inflammatory and anti-gout medication.  So you could eat all the red meat you want and still be gout-free.  Then they decided only horses should be allowed to have it.  But it seems to me that if ALL red meat contained anti-gout medication, the world might be a much less gouty place.  That'd be a good thing, right?

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