Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The scan above is suddenly popping up all over the Internet.  Or maybe it’s always been there and I only just noticed. It’s from Sassy magazine, September 1992, in which Kim Gordon gives her recipe for “Tuna Tacos Culver City.”  Apparently “Eat This” was a regular feature.

Clearly Kim’s fantasy that tacos are less calorific that sandwich bread is indeed a fantasy, but lord knows she’s always looked trim and attractive so whatever she’s eating it’s not bulking her up.  In fact I occasionally feel she looks as though somebody should give her a sandwich.  Not Thurston Moore, obviously, at this point in marital history.

Did I ever tell you about the time I stood in line next to Kim Gordon, waiting for the lavatory at Tonic, in New York?  Witty exchanges with the stars?  I let her go first - she was next on the bill, and hell I wanted her to get on stage and start.  “I’m quick she said.”  And she didn’t lie.

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