Wednesday, March 28, 2018


It’s good to know that the Badatz Haeda Hahareidit in Jerusalem is looking out for me; not for me personally and not only me, but it seems that it (or possibly they) have supervised the making of a special edition of Lay’s potato chips, which are kosher and just right for Passover, and I suppose also for Easter. Who doesn't love a special edition?  They’re even made in Israel.

Looking up “Badatz Haeda Hahareidit” on the internet hasn’t got me very far, but I gather Badatz is a court of justice, which in this case presumably offers kosher certification.
I’ve said before on this blog that I think the very best potato chips are deep fried in lard, and obviously I wasn’t expecting that here, but these chips were great.  They looked much like any other potato chip, maybe a little thinner and more fragile, and they tasted somehow lighter and more subtle, and also a bit greasier than some other chips, in a good way – that would be the palm fat and oils according to the pack.

I didn’t feel chosen (I know I'm not - strictly Preterite) as I ate the chips, and I didn’t feel blessed, but I did feel perfectly content.  
The mysteries of kosher are still not an open book to me but at least I know (per Seinfeld) that it’s not all about the way they kill the pig.

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