Friday, February 9, 2018


Look, I’m not saying that all my friends are offal-obsessives, but some of them rather conspicuously are.  These two images have just popped up on my Instagram feed.

The above is from Jonathan Hayes - forensic pathologist, novelist, bon viveur - who posted this image of “the menu at Yardbird, a fantastic beak-to-tail feather yakitori restaurant in Hong Kong” adding, re his day job “It’s like I never left work.”

And then there’s this from Dwight Garner, the book god of the New York Times, who posts the check from the Organ Meat Society dinner at Hunan Bistro in New York.

I gotta say the crispy pork intestine looks a little pricey but I suppose it all depends on how much you get, or how much you want.  

Not wanting to be left out, here's a haggis I ate some of last week in Gloucestershire, served up by friends Del and Alan:

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