Monday, January 22, 2018


There’s an episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, in which he takes Judd Apatow to a diner in LA.  Apatow eats a burger, thereby slightly subverting the title of the show, and afterwards he says he's glad he doesn't know how they got to the diner because he'd be back there all the time eating burgers, and this would in some way be a bad thing.

Well, of course, we all understand that this is just showbiz chat and flutter, but the fact is they’re at the 101 Coffee Shop on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, and EVERYBODY in LA knows it and knows how to get there.  It's right by the 101 Freeway!

And the real reason they know the place is because it appears passim in the movie Swingers.  It’s the place where Vince Vaughan does a lot of sitting and talking and acting and, you know, being Vince Vaughan.  It's been refurbished and hispered-up since then, however.   It also appears in Entourage apparently.

More than that, it’s a place that I go to fairly often for lunch, though never for dinner.  And I’ve never had the burger, but the French dip sandwich is perfectly good. 

But for me the best thing about the place are the pictures on the wall; anonymous vernacular snapshots bought at some garage sale, I imagine. 

I wonder if the people in the pictures know about it.  I assume not.  I wonder if some of them are even still alive.

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