Friday, June 16, 2017


Lord knows, those food fantasists Bompas and Parr (that would be Sam and Harry to their pals) don’t need much help from me in publicizing their activities, but a small plug seems in order given that they’ve now been doing whatever it is they do for 10 years.  Frankly it feels longer.  I can’t quite remember a time when my inbox wasn’t enlivened by tales of the lads’ activities.

I do however remember them when they were doing a “make your own chewing gum” event (above) in a pop up store in Whiteleys in Bayswater, but that seems a million years ago.

In subsequent years they’ve gone through (among many other schemes) Alcoholic Architecture, Egg Healing, Grope Mountain (above), and chocolate anuses (below - and no I don’t know who the model was and perhaps don’t want to).

They now to celebrate their first decade there are simultaneous exhibitions in England and Brazil.  They’re opening a “satellite installation” called Temple of the Tongue, in their London studio, which will complement a retrospective exhibition, Tongue Town, at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art in Brazil.  May I say, blimey.

Everything looks better in a glass display case.
This seems remarkable and wonderful in every way, and somewhere in all this there may even be a small audio contribution from me about zoophagy and Francis Buckland.  I say “may even be” in the sense that I recorded something for them, but who knows whether or not it ended up on the cutting room floor.  That’s Francis Buckland below

Also, as the Bompas and Parr lads conquer all media, I see that their work appears in a new book titled Visual Feast: Contemporary Food Styling and Photography.  This kind of thing, photographed by Metz+Racine:

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