Thursday, November 17, 2016


You know, I think it’s hard to look presidential while you’re eating, although some definitely look better than others, as these much circulated "compare and contrast" pictures of Trump and Reagan suggests. 

Whatever else Trump becomes known for, he will surely go down as our most joyless, and least sybaritic president.  It would be very nice, and let’s face it very surprising, if that’s the worst that could be said about his presidency.  Of course Reagan was a pro: he knew how to work the camera, and how to act as though he was enjoying his food, even if he wasn’t.  

He could even look good with an ice cream, and that’s really tricky.

By no means all succeed:

Even Obama can’t always pull it off.

And a hotdog can be every bit as perilous:

And whatever food Nixon is eating here, well, that possibly isn't the very best way to eat it.

It seems to me that Roosevelt had it pretty well covered.  He looks like a man who knows how to carve a bird, and is actually taking pleasure in it.  Eleanor is certainly looking on in admiration.

Roosevelt also looked damned good with a drink:

And Reagan too could even look good with a drink even when he had to act as though he wasn’t enjoying it.  Admittedly this was in pre-presidential days, and if you want to look impressive it certainly does no harm to have Bette Davis drinking beside you.

As for Nixon, well, here at least he does seems to be handling his drink a little better than Brezhnev.

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