Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Things are a little stressed at the moment around the old Psycho-Gourmet test kitchen.  

I’m doing a lot of “real” writing, i.e. the kind that earns me money and keeps a roof over my head.  It’s called “work” I suppose.

Nevertheless I’m still very fond of my blog, and I know the importance of continuity, and 
I also know that a few naked bodies is a big help in increasing the number of hits a blog 

So here, above and below, are a number of more or less ironic images of people eating 
drinking, cooking, serving, food shopping, in greater of lesser degrees of undress, some 
in private, though some very definitely in public.

I’m quite not sure why these activities look so comical and absurd, but they do, don’t 

Anyway, enjoy.


  1. Hi, Geoff. I know you said you're short of time, not of inspiration, but I couldn't help writing you about that: I was watching The Simpsons, Season 21, Episode 10, and Krusty had just made a GIN SANDWICH: a slice of bread, a drop from a "Cheap Gin" bottle, another slice on top. You ought to take a look on that.

  2. Bruno, I missed this - and I don't miss many Simpsons. And this is why we still love the Simpsons after all these years. I'm checking it out.