Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There was a hilarious piece in yesterday’s New York Times by Kim Severson, with the headline “Marijuana Fuels a New Kitchen Culture.”

The article comes up with the startling revelation that a lot of younger chefs and their customers like to smoke dope.

Now I can see it might be a great thing, if you were running a restaurant, to have customers who were stoners because they don’t much care what they eat. Open up the cupboard, and what have you got, a box of Coco Puffs, refried beans, a spray can of cheese whiz, yep, that’s pretty much all it takes to keep a pot head happy.

But the article doesn’t stop there, it refers to, very possibly invents, “the haute stoner cuisine movement.” Oh boy, and according to Kim this has something to with the democratization of eating.

She quotes somebody named Rick Darge, 27, who’s a big fan of the roaming taco truck. “We don’t have to go into an establishment, or be a certain way inside,” he says. “It’s more organic than that.”

Then she quotes one Mr Choi, who runs a fleet of trucks says, "It's this silent message to everyone, to the every-day dude ... Weed is just a portal."

Oh give the kid a Twinkie and let the grown ups get on with their dinner.


  1. My name is Rick Darge and I want you and others to know that I was completely deceived by the NY Times in that article.

    2 Weeks ago, Rebecca Cathcart, approached my fiance and I as we stopped at a Kogi truck for some lunch. She told us that she was writing an article about the popularity of Kogi trucks and Los Angeles food trucks in general. She asked my permission to use my answers in the article and I verbally agreed.

    Last week she publishes her article about Marijuana Cuisine and I am completely taken aback. I feel totally lied to and deceived and am not sure what to do next. All I know is that Rebecca Cathcart is a liar.