Thursday, August 24, 2017


If you’re in you local (for want of a better word) “ethnic” supermarket and you see they’re selling something called Head Soup, you’ve got to be interested, right?  When you see that the head in question belongs to a sturgeon, well it’s in your shopping cart without a second thought.

Closer inspection of the label reveals it’s made by ecofood of Armenia, and in Armenian (and Russian, I think) the name yxa means fisherman’s soup, and so it proved. The basic taste was more of a vegetable (rather than fish) soup, although the words “sturgeon head with meat” on the list of ingredients confirmed the authenticity.  Tasted pretty good, although improved by a squirt of lemon.

And yes indeed, as you see above, there was visible head in it, which was good, but there was also a fair amount of bone, or possibly skull, that I didn’t enjoy all that much, but when you’re eating head soup a little skull only confirms the authenticity even more.

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