Saturday, December 27, 2014


Christmas was also enlivened with some non-traditional fare brought back from Arizona.

First the giant bag of Dos Ranchitos Fried Pork Rinds.  You may be able to see that they designated “snack style” but as opposed to what? Main course style? Banquet style?  Before opening the bag I feared they looked a bit pale and puffy (conceivably even low fat) and I feared they might be a bit bland, but no, not at all.  Yes they are quite airy but that means they melt in the mouth (who doesn’t want a mouth full of melted pork skin?) and they leave a rich lingering flavor across the palate.  Result.

And I know a lot of people like their pork skins picante.  For them there’s this little feller, the man from Whoop Ass Chipotle Fire Hot Sauce, bought at a roadside attraction called The Thing.

And finally there’s this, bought in the Del Sol Market in Yuma: a can of razor clams.  I had never seen canned razor clams before (they come from Peru) and I’m not a hundred per cent sure what to do with them, but the current plan is to make some razor clam bisque.  That may be a project for the New Year - I’ll keep you posted.

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