Saturday, March 30, 2013


Last Thursday I helped a man lose his virginity twice in one night.  The man was J. Michael Walker, all round top artist, and the two losses came more or less simultaneously.  That's him on the right, above.  He had never been to Musso and Frank, and he’d never drunk a martini:  a sheltered life indeed for an Angelino.

Anyway this was all quite easily corrected thanks to my favorite barman Ruben Rueda (again, above, on the right).  The best thing about the Musso martini is that you get a full martini glass accompanied by a miniature glass flask containing pretty much the same again; so it’s essentially two for one.

Ruben is clearly a large man but he wears it well thanks to the generously tailored Musso jackets, and of course having been there a long time  - well over 40 years - he’s met many of the great and the good, as well as the not so great and the positively bad.   These include Keith Richards (and you can argue among yourselves about which category he fits into).  I found this little gem on the Musso website.

Hey Keith, no need to be hurtful, is there?

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