Friday, February 24, 2012


So my copy of the new Lucky Peach magazine has arrived, and frankly it worries me a little.

Why does it have to look so simultaneously ugly and so over-designed?  Why does it have to be so self-consciously “punk”?

Above all why does it have to be so gosh darned dirty-mouthed and testosterone-fueled, as if it creators just want to make absolutely sure you know that they’re real men and not some gauzy, fruity gourmets?  Somehow it seems like they’re overcompensating.

But then, even as this stuff worries me, I suddenly encounter this passage in an article by Anthony Bourdain.

“You hear this all the time on shows like Top Chef.  A chef will claim to cook with ‘love’ (a proclamation that I, as a judge, often found worrying, summoning, as it did, possibilities that the contestant had rubbed his knob around in the sauce ...)”

Hell yes. Sometimes a dirty mouth and a shot of testosterone really gets the job done.  Not sure about those sandals though, Tony.

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